How To Building Character And Strengthening Relationships

My relationships give me strength. By sharing my thoughts and feelings with others, I build character.

There are times when I am scared to allow others to see the true me. I feel protective of my hidden passions and my unconventional thoughts. I worry that I may not be accepted. I understand that this is a normal feeling, and I bravely move past these concerns.

Trusting other people means that I will share myself with them. If I want to build character and strengthen my relationships, I have to be brave. It takes courage to honestly invite others into my life.

True fulfillment comes from becoming connected to others and my inner being. Each part of me that I share is like a link in a chain. I can extend myself to others by constantly building that chain.
When others are in need, they know that I am there to help. Because I have extended a strong chain, they know they can reach out and grasp it. This is how I will build strong relationships in my life.

By sharing more of myself, I invite others to open themselves up. I feel so connected to the people in my life because I can see who they truly are. It is such a reward to feel bonded to good people.

I work hard to create fulfilling personal relationships. Extending myself to others is so worthwhile. My character is deepened and my relationships are strengthened by bravely opening myself up to the people in my life.

Self-Reflection Questions:
  • Do I bravely share my true self with others?
  • How can I strengthen the relationships with the people in my life?
  • What do I love most about my close personal relationships?
Please answer these questions on your own in a private journal, or if youd like, share them with us all below in the comments. Self-reflection is a very powerful tool, especially when combined with affirmations.

I Am Committed To My Relationships

I am faithful to my relationships because my family and I together are strong. My partner is my best friend. We lend our strengths to one another and fill each others gaps. My relationships complete me.

I am dedicated to my responsibilities because there are things in this life that I am held accountable for. Someone else may be relying on me to hold up my end of the deal.

By being committed to my responsibilities, others can count on me. I am committed to my responsibilities because it is important for me to be trustworthy and accountable.
I am devoted to myself because I believe in myself first and foremost. I love myself; therefore I can love others.

I am loyal to myself because I am worthy of that commitment. I know I can always count on myself even if I cannot rely on others. I am committed to myself because I am worth it.
I am committed to my relationships, responsibilities, and myself because this commitment is essential to my life and makes me whole.

Self-Reflection Questions:
  • How do I show my commitment to myself?
  • How do I show my dedicated to my responsibilities?
  • How do I show my faithfulness to my relationships?
Please answer these questions on your own in a private journal, or if youd like, share them with us all below in the comments. Self-reflection is a very powerful tool, especially when combined with affirmations.

Communication Of My Feelings Is Important

Because I know that relationships cannot grow without understanding, I share my honest feelings with the special people in my life.

I know I run the risk that the other person may misunderstand or perhaps even get angry, but I am confident that we can work through these hitches and use them to develop deeper relationships.
I have let go of the tendency to only admit to those feelings that could be classified as nice. Its a wonderful thing to be happy, content and peaceful. When I do feel that way, I am more than pleased to share the good feelings all around.

I also recognize that life is often far too challenging to be in a perpetual happy state and I am unwilling to pretend for the sake of keeping the waters calm.

I strive for authenticity in my relationships. I want those I love to feel like they can come to me when they are hurt or upset. I set a precedent by being open with them and by sharing my fears, worries, and struggles along the way.

I realize that some people in life are merely being polite when they ask how I’m doing. I am careful with my heart and dont expose my inner self to people unless I know that they genuinely care about me.

Once I am comfortable with others, I am willing to take a risk in sharing my feelings because I know that it is the only way to develop authentic, supportive relationships.
Self-Reflection Questions:
  • Do I dare to be honest within the relationships that truly matter to me?
  • Do I set a precedent for honesty by my words and actions?
  • Am I trustworthy when others confide in me?

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