Use Your Loving Support Network To Gain Healthy Life

I Keep Myself Accountable To Those I Trust

I have an amazing group of friends whom I can rely on. I share my dreams and goals with them. We trust, love, and support each other. When I share an area of personal growth with them, they hold me accountable.

I am honest with my accountability group because I would gain nothing from fooling them. Trying to deceive my friends would only rob me of the progress I could have made. Therefore, I reveal to them what is deep in my heart.

I choose to partake in our accountability relationship, and willingly share information. I can reveal secrets and shortcomings to my trusted friends without shame because I feel accepted, comfortable and free around them.

My trusted friends do not judge me; instead, they nudge me closer to my goals. They may ask me uncomfortable questions at times, but it is because they love me and want me to succeed. I appreciate them for that.

I trust my friends because they have pure hearts and desires for me. I do not need to fear that that may think badly of me. I look forward to sharing my successes and failures with them and hearing what they have to say.

My friends pray for me, and God uses them to draw me closer to Him and toward my dreams. God speaks to me through my friends. I trust His voice and remain accountable.

Self-Reflection Questions:
  • Do I trust others enough to reveal my shortcomings?
  • Do I accept constructive criticism?
  • How honest am I with my trusted friends?

I Appreciate The Love And Support I Receive From My Family

I would be nothing without the love and support of my family. My family is not only my support but also the foundation for who I am. My family is always there for me when I need them.

I am blessed to have such an incredible family. Daily, I thank God for my family. I also make it a point to regularly thank my family for their presence in my life and for being just who they are. I truly feel privileged to have my family’s support in all of my endeavors.

Hearing a word of praise from a member of my family means the world to me. They cheer me on when I am winning. My family accepts me when I come up short. No matter how the game is going, they are always in my corner.
An ovation from a cheering crowd of strangers pales in comparison to the pleasure I get from my family’s admiration.
Fame is meaningless to me. An ovation from a cheering crowd of strangers pales in comparison to the pleasure I get from my family’s admiration. My purpose in life involves more than mere fame and fortune. It involves making a difference in the lives of others.

My family pushes me to be my best and to live the best life that I was created to live. They teach me virtues that will get me to the place I want to be. When life begins to cloud my view, my family keeps me focused on my dreams.

I treasure my relationship with my family like gold; hard times are the fire that refines that gold. Going through hard times together strengthens our bond. Even the moments with my family that I do not wish to re-live have taught me valuable lessons that help me be a better person today.
Self-Reflection Questions:
  • When was the last time I called a family member to thank them?
  • How has my familys love and support changed the course of my life?
  • What can I do, today, to show my family that I appreciate them?

My Loving Support Network Helps Me Manage Anything

Life throws many lessons my way and my loved ones ensure that I get them. They are my offensive line that assists me in catching whatever life passes to me.

Sometimes, I receive blessings. Other times what I catch is an unforgettable lesson. No matter what gets thrown my way, my loving support network protects me from things that may try to block me.
My support network does not solve my problems for me. They help me to help myself. If they gave me all the answers, I would miss the lesson. For that reason, I use them as a resource and not as a crutch.

My support network includes close family members and trusted friends. Having a variety of people in my network benefits me by opening me up to diverse points of view.
When I have questions, I can always find someone in my support network that has experience in the area in which I need help.

My support network shows me unconditional love – and even tough love – when I need it. They love me even when I make a mistake and feel unworthy of love. They show me tough love when there is a harsh truth I need to hear, even if I do not want to hear it.

My loved ones stand by my side no matter what the circumstance. When I feel like I am drowning in responsibilities and troubles, my loving network is my life raft; they carry me through the storm.
I am free from fear because I am not alone. I can manage anything that comes my way because I have the advice, expertise and time of my loving support network.

Self-Reflection Questions:
  • Who do I include in my support network?
  • What expertise can my loving support network offer me?
  • Do I heed the advice of my supporters?

I Surround Myself With Positive People And Positive Thoughts

I surround myself with positive people because I know that my friends and colleagues affect my thoughts; my thoughts direct my actions; and my actions determine the outcome of my life.

I realize that I am bound to rub elbows with some negative people in the course of my work or my interactions within the community. However, when I choose people as partners, employees or friends, I make a point of choosing people who lift me up and encourage me to see the possibilities in life.
We all have challenges in life. Some of us have more than others, but none of us is immune to having logs fall across our path. Anyone can stand around and cluck at the log, and lots of people are more than willing to stand there and offer sympathy.

But the people I call my friends are the ones who go for the chainsaw and help me clear the road. My best friends are those who go a step further and use the wood to build a house or a bridge.
They see the opportunity in every challenge and find a way to draw that out!

Because I am much more than a victim of circumstances, I surround myself with people who feel the same way and help me make the most of whatever life sends my way.

Self-Reflection Questions:
  • Do I put careful thought into choosing whom I spend time with?
  • Are the people I surround myself with dragging me down or building me up?
  • Am I building up others with my own positive attitude?
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