How To Manage A Stress Condition

I am able to free myself from stress. I am able to inhale deeply, relax, and let go of the stress in my life. Doing this makes it so my stress does not control me. When I am in control of the stress in my life, I am able to deal with it in a healthy manner.

Stress is inevitable in my life. The key is to not let it take over my life or control me. When I let stress weigh me down, it has an impact on all the areas of my life. Learning and using proper stress management skills is a good way not to get bound by my stress.

I have power over my stress and I am able to let it go.
Dealing with my stress in a positive way gives me power over it. I have power over my stress and I am able to let it go. I am able to meditate, listen to positive music, take a hot bath or shower, go for a walk, watch television, exercise, or use any other techniques to positively deal with the stress in my life so it does not attach itself to me. These tools help me to relax and effectively alleviate stressors.
Today I am not being bound to my stressors. I have successfully rid myself of stress for the time being and I can avoid dwelling on stressors when they are present in my life. As a result, my focus is on the positive things in my life and not the stress.
Self-Reflection Questions:
  • In what ways does stress bind itself to me?
  • How does being free from negative stress help me?
  • What are some good ways to deal with stress?

I Wash Away The Days Stresses

Just as the daily grime washes from my body at the end of the day, so too do my daily stressors wash from my spirit.

I take great care of my body and my appearance by maintaining good hygienic practices. I am also taking proper care of myself when I take the time to relax and send away my daily stresses.

When I allow stresses to build up I am limiting my positive experiences in life. With relaxation and pursuing activities that help to wash away the stress I am able to fully enjoy my life.
Just as I wouldnt dream of allowing dirt and grime to build up on my body, I will not allow stress to build up either.

I rid myself of stress by relaxing it away. I may soak in a warm tub of bubbles with soft music, lit by candles and a glass of wine. I may just curl up in a comfortable chair and read a good book. Whatever I find most relaxing I take the time to pursue and this frees me from my daily stress before I retire to bed.

Today I will ensure I take the time to find a relaxing activity that will rid my body and spirit from the daily stresses just as I shower away the days dirt from my body. I will then sleep peacefully and awake refreshed in the morning.
Self-Reflection Questions:
  • Have I neglected clearing daily stresses from my life?
  • What activities do I find relaxing?
  • Do I feel more refreshed in the morning after I’ve relaxed the previous evening?

Stressful Moments Do Not Blind Me From What Is True

I am confident in my beliefs, so stress does not blind me from what I know to be true.
I know, for example, that with the right attitude, mistakes are merely stepping stones to greater things.
I have let go of the idea that I have to get everything right the first time I try.
I have let go of the idea that I have to get everything right the first time I try.

I let go of the paralysis that comes from expecting perfection and, instead, I am content with putting my best foot forward. Even when I make mistakes, I know that I am moving in the right direction.

I am also confident in the love of my family. We may sometimes disagree with each other, but I know that we are bonded far deeper than any friendship. We will always be there for each other.
I have a solid foundation to rely on in the face of stress.
Because I know this to be true, I have a solid foundation to rely on in the face of stress.
I also take comfort in the presence of the Divine. While I have much left to learn, I know that my Creator is an ever-present reality in my life. I trust that my Creator will help me create something beautiful and meaningful from whatever challenges come my way.

Self-Reflection Questions:
  • Do I allow myself to trust the permanent nature of my familys love for me?
  • Do I believe in my own ability to grow from mistakes?
  • Am I allowing the Divine to create something good out of my challenges?

Because I Am Organized, I Am Able To Minimize My Daily Stress

I take the necessary time to be organized because I know that doing so minimizes my daily stress. While it is sometimes tempting to rush into a work week or a project, I recognize that my time is like money; I have to spend some to gain some.

I organize my time to facilitate my goals by pruning off activities that drain me of my time and energy. I recognize that, like everyone else, my time is not limitless. I choose to set aside specific times for those activities that are important to me and I let the rest go.

I set aside time at the beginning of each project to make sure I have a clear picture of where I am going and that I have the resources I need to get there. This way I dont end up whittling it away on pointless and avoidable activities.

For example, I see no point in wasting time hunting for my keys each morning, so I set a basket by the door to drop them in each night.

Supplies are stocked and organized by my desk to prevent wasted time and distraction when I am in the middle of my work.

A weekly menu eliminates waste when I shop and minimizes my time in the kitchen. I take a few minutes to do each of these things on a periodic basis so I can have more time to focus on what is truly important in my life.
Self-Reflection Questions:
  • What excuses do I give myself for not being organized?
  • What frequent time wasters can be minimized or eliminated?
  • What can I do, today, to begin the process of getting organized?

I Can Handle All Stress in a Positive Manner

Stress may be a fact of life, but I am equipped to handle it positively, and thus I am strengthened.
It is healthier to manage my stress in a positive manner than to allow it to affect me negatively. When I make the choice to positively handle stress, I am able to quickly deal with the cause of stress. And by coping with the cause of stress effectively, I give myself the opportunity to reduce or eliminate my stress levels permanently.

By dealing with my stress positively, my character is strengthened. I am able to create a positive attitude within myself through affirmative thinking when faced with worry.

I feel a sense of confidence because I know I can manage my stress swiftly and positively. This is because I give myself the time, patience, energy, and tools necessary to manage stressful situations without succumbing to the stress.

I have the ability to use positive, healthy coping skills to deal with the stress in my life. I am far less likely to become overwhelmed in stressful situations when I know how to handle them in a positive, peaceful manner.

Today I will use positive thinking in my life to help me to deal with my stress. I will continue looking at the sunny side so I can train myself to focus on my successes. By doing this, I help my mind to react positively when stress occurs.
Self-Reflection Questions:
  • What is the greatest source of stress in my life? What will I do about it today?
  • How will I use positive thinking techniques to help me deal with stress?
  • What tools can I use to manage stress positively?
Please answer these questions on your own in a private journal, or if you’d like, share them with us all below in the comments. Self-reflection is a very powerful tool, especially when combined with affirmations.

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